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  In the above menu bar, you'll find tabs to the products that we manufacture and sell, wholesale and to the public.

  Below are links to our other online stores and services.

Baccus Enterprises  online store links

Welcome to our MAIN page for our very diversified selection of online businesses.

Below you will find short descriptions about and links to ;

- Team 61 Race Cars

- 1st Amendment Teez

- I Love Old Tractors


 I Love Old Tractors 

     Welcome to THE place to get those unique and interesting pics of antique tractors applied on high quality wearables, gear and gifts.

 To visit  I Love Old Tractors              CLICK HERE


 1st Amendment Teez 


   Here at 1st Amendment Teez we exercise our Freedom of Speech   rights. Our multitude of patriotic, faith, and political designs reflect current issues affecting these United States of America,..that Shining beacon of freedom on the hill....The 'last stand' of freedom in the world. 

   All of our designs are crafted in house by yours truly. All of our products are high quality and the designs are applied by third party printers with years of experience producing high quality printing.

   To visit our 1st Amendment Teez site   CLICK HERE


Team 61 Race Cars

  Team 61 Race Cars is home to 'the ANIMAL and 'the YELLA BRICK' race cars.

  I build complete race-street-rod-rat cars, do partial builds, and do custom steel fabrications.

  Visit the T61RC website here